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Renewal Notifications

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Toward the end of your term plan contract, you will receive three notices about when your contract will expire. The third and final notice will include details of the month-to-month plan you will default to, should you not take action before your current contract expires. This is a new requirement by the Texas PUC and no immediate action is needed.

We will be sharing all of the great renewal options we have for you close to your contract expiration date. We are here to make renewing easy. 


Here’s what you need to know about these renewal notices.


Why am I getting this notice?

House Bill 16, which became effective in September 2021, requires all retail electricity providers such as Reliant to provide three contract expiration notices to fixed price customers during the last third of the contract period.

When does my current contract end?

Your current contract ends with the first meter read on or after the date shown under your plan information online or on your paper statement. To see when your contract expires, log in, go to My Plan, and you should see your plan expiration date on the page as shown below.


Does my current plan still have a cancellation fee?

Yes. The cancellation fee for your current plan still applies until 14 days prior to your first meter read on or after your contract expiration date. For information specific to your current plan, visit the My Account page in the My Plan section of your online account.


Can’t find the information you are looking for?

We’re always here to help! Reach us 24/7 at or 1.833.355.XOOM (9666). 


Additional Renewal Notice FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding your contract expiration notices. 


Can I opt out of these notices?  

No. We are required by Public Utility Commission of Texas to send you three notifications. These notices will be incorporated within your monthly bill.


Can I customize how I receive these alerts?

These alerts are included with your bill, if you prefer to receive your invoice in a different manner such as e-bill, please call us to update your delivery preferences.


What do these new messages mean?

It means that we will remind you when your upcoming contract expiration will take place.


When do I need to take action?

No action is needed for the first and second notice. You will need to take action with the third, final notice when it is time to renew your contract with XOOM Energy.


Will I still receive these notices if I had recently renewed?

If you select a new term plan before your current plan expires, you may receive an additional contract expiration notice while your new contract processes in our system.


Will I receive these notices if I have different residences with XOOM Energy?

Yes, you will continue to receive notices from us should you had different residences which XOOM Energy. XOOM Energy identifies your residence from your meter which is called the Electric Service Identifier (ESI ID). The ESI ID identifies your meter to XOOM Energy. Cancellation fee(s) will still apply.


Can I leave XOOM Energy without paying a cancellation fee prior to receiving my final contract expiration notice?

No, the cancellation fee for your current plan still applies until 14 days prior to your first meter read on or after your contract expiration date.


Can I call you to renew my contract when I get my notice?

No, currently we are unable to renew customer contracts over the phone. To renew your service you can go online at and renew your electricity plan with XOOM Energy.


Will I get these notices if I switch to a new address(es)?

Yes, you will continue to receive the required notices. 


Will I get these notices if I close out my account(s)?

No, you will no longer receive these renewal notices.  However, you may receive a bill for any outstanding amount that is owed from the previous billing cycle.