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Variable Energy Plans

Variable Rate Plans

No long-term commitment.


Enjoy the flexibility of market-based prices and energy rates that vary month to month.  With no long-term service agreements you're free to change your product or energy plan whenever you choose.

Variable energy plans and the ability to choose a variable rate option means flexibility in you utility spend.  Choose from a wide range of energy options in almost every market that XOOM Energy serves.  When you have options for both home and commercial service, you get the specific rates, terms and renewable energy choices that are best for you.

Fixed Rate Plans

Fixed Rate Plans

Peace of mind, guaranteed.


Protect your home or business from fluctuating energy costs.  Lock in your energy rate for a set period of time and enjoy pricing stability for the duration of your contract term through our fixed energy rates and plans.

Fixed energy plans offer you a chance to compare energy rates in your home or business energy market.  You then choose an energy rate and plan that best works for you.  When you choose a fixed rate option your rate never changes for the duration that you choose.  You enjoy the same prices for your electricity or natural gas service no matter what the energy markets do.


Renewable Energy Plans

Renewable Plans*

Clean, green energy.


Do your part to promote a cleaner environment with SimpleClean, our renewable energy option for electricity services. When you choose SimpleClean, you can be sure that your energy is derived from natural, sustainable resources.

*Availability varies by market, check utility plan pages for details.

50% Renewable

50% of SimpleClean electricity is powered by sustainable resources.

Carbon Free Plans

Carbon Free Plans*

Offset your home's carbon footprint.


Fossil Fuels release harmful carbon emissions into our environment - with TruEco, you can balance out your home's natural gas usage and reduce your carbon footprint.  When you select TruEco, XOOM Energy purchases Carbon Offsets on your behalf to ensure that the equivalent of the carbon emissions caused by your natural gas consumption is offset. 

*Availability varies by market, check utility plan pages for details.

100% Renewable

100% of your home's natural gas usage is offset by TruEco.

XOOM Solar

XOOM Solar

Offset your home's carbon footprint.


XOOM Solar, LLC, headquartered in Huntersville, NC, provides a complete, customized solar solution for homeowners in the U.S.

Come visit our web site at and learn more about our residential solar solutions. You can see how XOOM Solar can save you money by entering some brief information on your home and our solar advisers will take you through a one-on-one consultation helping you choose the solar system that optimizes your savings.


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Brian M

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Yazaira L

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