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New Hampshire Variable Rates

What is the difference between fixed and variable rate plans?

A fixed rate plan provides you with stability and peace of mind. Utility rates are variable rates that can change periodically. A fixed rate product may be higher or lower than utility rates, but, unlike utility rates, a fixed rate product will not change during the life of your contract. You are protected against unexpected and costly price increases and have greater control over the cost of your energy.

A variable rate plan allows you to purchase energy at market-based prices that change from month to month. While a variable rate is subject to monthly price increases or decreases, it may help you realize the lowest possible cost in the market. However, it also exposes you to possible price increases, and, unlike a fixed rate, a variable rate does not protect you against price volatility. This may be higher or lower than the utility rate.


New Hampshire Variable Customers

Your service will automatically continue on a month-to-month basis where you will pay a variable price per kWh. Your billed rate will be the effective rate at the time in which your meter is read. All rates are subject to change on a monthly basis. Future rates will be updated at least 5 days before becoming effective.


New Hampshire Electricty Variable Rates

New Hampshire Electricty Variable Rates

New Hampshire Historical Electricty Variable Rates


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