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Enroll on RescueLock 12 and 5% of Your Monthly Energy Charges Will Be Donated to PetSmart Charities®!

5 Saves Lives

Enroll Today and Help Support PetSmart Charities®!


XOOM Energy, and its family of companies, is on a mission to help end pet homelessness and connect people with their future furry pets. That is why we have partnered with PetSmart Charities® to bring awareness and give our customers the option to help by enrolling on our new product RescueLock 12!

When you enroll on RescueLock 12, 5% of your monthly energy charges will be donated to PetSmart Charities®!* Along with donating 5% of your energy charges, you can have the peace of mind you deserve with our fixed rate plan. Lock in your rate for 12 full months and get the stability for the duration of your term. Protect yourself from the uncertainty that you’ve come to expect with energy bills. XOOM Energy is thrilled to team up with PetSmart Charities® in order to bring awareness to the amazing impact that adopting has on millions of animals.

How Does Your 5 Save Lives?

An estimated 7 million pets enter shelters every year, while nearly 3 million never find a forever home. That is why we need your help! PetSmart Charities® has helped 7 million pets find a home to date. That’s 1 out of every 10 pet adoptions in North America. But with your participation we could raise that number!

*This promotion is sponsored by XOOM Energy, LLC (XOOM Energy), including its wholly owned subsidiaries, doing business at 804 Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ 08540. The proceeds from the promotion will benefit PetSmart Charities, Inc. (“Charities”). XOOM Energy will pay to Charities in the US for its general charitable purposes the equivalent of 5% of monthly energy charges paid by participating XOOM Energy customers who enroll from December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2017. This contribution is not tax deductible. Charities is an organization described in Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). A copy of its most recent financial report is available by contacting the organization at 19601 North 27th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85027, or by telephone at 1-800-423-7387. For more information, visit www.petsmartcharities.org. Registration by Charities or the Promoter with any state regulatory agency does not imply endorsement.

Who Saved Who?

PetSmart Charities has set a goal to find a lifelong, loving home for every pet. We, at XOOM Energy, wanted to share our own experiences with adopting our furry friends!

My name is Peyton! I’m an 11-year-old Black Labrador/German Shepherd mix who was adopted. I love to play ball, go for a ride in the car and chase birds at the beach. My family was first in search of a smaller dog to adopt that day, but as soon as we saw each other we knew it was a perfect match. I couldn’t be happier!

My name is Tigger and I am 13 years old! I was adopted from PetSmart as a kitten. My favorite place to sleep is under the Christmas tree guarding all the gifts. I love to play fetch and of course, annoy my canine siblings. I love being a part of a big family!

I am a 3-year-old Collie and Australian Shepherd mix named Nash, who was rescued from a shelter 2 years ago by my new family. My time in the shelter was tough and I was scared to even walk or interact with people. Thanks to pet adoptions and my new family, I am healthy, happy and now my favorite thing to do is take long walks!

Our names are Tyber and Tayven. We are 10-year-old sisters who love to curl up together and take naps in the sink. We were rescued as kittens and luckily our family adopted us together. We are so happy we didn’t get separated and love our new family!

Our names are Riley and Ranger. We were both puppies when adopted and we’re now almost 2 years old. We love to sprint at the park, eat and wrestle each other. Our parents may have rescued us but we must admit – we definitely rescued them! We love our happy family!

My name is Harley and I am 14 years old! I was rescued and adopted by my family when I was 9 months old. Since then I have been loved and cared for every day with good food and a family. I love to run and play chase, especially when there is snow to play in!