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Coming Summer 2023

Energy Choice is Coming to Lubbock, TX!

XOOM Energy to Offer Electricity Service in the Lubbock Power & Light Market in the Summer of 2023.

For 10 years now, XOOM Energy has proudly served our customers with the belief that the power of personal connections is what helps sets us apart. Connecting you, your friends, and your family with the energy everyone needs, along with a variety of energy plans and dedicated service everyone wants.

We are excited to begin providing electricity service options to the energy choice market in Lubbock starting in the summer of 2023.

What is Energy Choice?

Areas of Lubbock will soon be part of the Texas energy choice electricity market. This means energy consumers in Lubbock will have the freedom to choose an electricity provider that best fits their energy needs. 

Currently, Lubbock customers are serviced by their local utility through their default or basic supply service. This means your local utility supplies and delivers your energy, and you receive a bill each month. 

To truly understand how energy choice works, it is helpful to know the different entities that have joined forces to make up a competitive energy market. It might seem a little complicated, but here is a simple breakdown.


The Break Down


What are the benefits of an energy choice market?

  • Energy consumers get to choose who supplies their electricity
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexibility to choose a plan that fits your energy needs
  • Convenient billing and payment options
  • Top level customer care
  • Renewable electricity options

Making the Switch to XOOM Energy

With the freedom to choose your electricity supplier you have opportunity to choose plans and pricing that fits your budget and lifestyle. Texas Retail Energy Providers (REPs) are responsible for selling electricity and billing their customer directly.

If you choose to make the switch to XOOM Energy when Lubbock’s energy choice market is open, your move from Lubbock Power & Light will be simple and seamless. Your electricity will continue to flow without interruption, plus you get to enjoy the benefits of selecting the electricity plan you want, helpful customer care, and the perks of being a XOOM Energy customer.

Be sure to check this page in the coming months to learn more about when electricity service from XOOM Energy will be available in the Lubbock Power & Light market.