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Carbon Offset Energy Plans


A Cleaner and More Sustainable Future is Possible with Carbon Offset Energy Solutions


When you choose a carbon offset energy plan from XOOM Energy, you can help do your part for the environment and help ensure a brighter tomorrow. A carbon offset energy plan offers you a cleaner choice for your natural gas through the purchase of carbon-offsets that help reduce emissions and have significant benefits for climate change. 

Carbon offsets are evidence that special actions have kept excess greenhouse gases out of the air. Offsets prove that real, quantifiable, and beyond "business-as-usual" measures have in fact already reduced emissions by a specific amount. Used to counteract or "offset" the greenhouse gases that result from often unavoidable everyday activities, most carbon offsets are certified to meet high standards for environmental integrity as well as consumer protection.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do carbon offsets make a difference?

Each offset means that one metric ton (about 2,200 pounds) of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases didn't escape into the air. Instead, specific actions have prevented, avoided or stored this metric ton of emissions.


How does using natural gas affect my carbon footprint?

Bundling your natural gas with U.S.-sourced carbon offsets that represent real improvements in air and water quality has an impact in reducing your carbon footprint.


Can a customer switch from a Standard Product to a Carbon Offset Energy Product?

Yes, customers can switch from a variable standard plan to a variable carbon offset plan or from a standard variable plan to a fixed carbon offset product.


Why is XOOM Energy only offering carbon offset products in certain markets?

XOOM Energy provides specific products offerings in each market based on customer demand and feedback.