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Average Billing


Worry Less About Your Monthly Electricity Bill with Average Billing

With Average Billing we have made it easy to manage your electricity bill by paying an averaged amount each month, helping you to even out the highs and lows of seasonal changes. 


What is Average Billing? 

Average billing helps you manage your monthly electricity budget by allowing you to pay an averaged amount every month instead of paying high amounts during high-usage months and paying low amounts in low-usage months. 
A graph in XOOM Energy Green with the text displaying Example of how Average Billing works. Graph displays months of the year with average energy usage vs actual usage

How is the Average Billing amount determined? 

  • We calculate your monthly bills for 12 months, if available 
  • Then, we take the total and divide the amount by 12 or the total months available for your service address
  • Lastly, we add or subtract 1/12 of your deferred balance


What is deferred balance? 

The deferred balance amount is the aggregate difference between your monthly Average Billing amount and what you would have owed if you were not enrolled on Average Billing. The deferred balance amount can be found on your monthly energy bill. If the bill amount is positive, 1/12 will be added to your bill. If the bill amount is negative, 1/12 will be subtracted from your bill. If you’re a new Average Billing customer, the deferred balance will begin in the second month. The deferred balance must be paid in full if you cancel Average Billing or change electricity providers.  

What happens after cancelling Average Billing?

If you remain a customer with XOOM Energy, your accumulated deferred balance will become due in full on your next invoice or payment arrangements can be made. If you cancel your service with XOOM Energy, your accumulated deferred balance will become due in full immediately. If you have a credit due, that amount will be applied to your final bill with any remaining amount refunded afterward.

What changes on my bill when I enroll on Average Billing?

Each bill you receive from XOOM Energy will show your average billing amount due that month, as well as your actual usage, current price and any deferred balance. The deferred balance may be a credit or an amount you will owe in the future. If you pay more than your average billing amount due each month, the extra will go toward paying off any deferred balance.

What are my payment options for average billing?

You can use the same payment options for your electricity bill payment as you would with regular billing. You can sign up for AutoPay to have the amount automatically paid each month. To see all the ways you can pay your monthly bill visit xoomenergy.com/en/pay-my-bill.

Can I cancel Average Billing from my account?

Yes, you can cancel Average Billing by contacting Customer Care at 833-355-XOOM (9666). Canceling average billing online is not currently available. 

What if I'm a new customer interested in enrolling on Average Billing, but I don't have a billing history with XOOM Energy?

If you have less than 11 months of bill amounts at your service address, we will take the previous usage at the address and apply your current price to calculate your average monthly amount.

What happens if I cancel my XOOM Energy account?

Any credit balance will be applied to your final bill or refunded to you; any outstanding deferred balance will be due at that time.

What happens to my deferred balance when I transfer my service?

You may be eligible to have your deferred balance carried over to your new address. If you are eligible at the time you request a transfer of service, we will let you know.