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Pay the Same Amount Each Month for Truly Unlimited Energy!*

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As Low as $29.99/Month* for 12 Months, No Matter How Much You Use!

In today’s fast-paced times, consumers are always looking for ways to simplify and put more certainty into their lives. Many service providers, such as internet and cell phone, offer set monthly pricing for easier predictability. High energy bills can leave customers frustrated, but thanks to the SteadyLock Plan, opening your monthly bill just got a lot less stressful!

With SteadyLock 12, you pay one flat monthly charge for your energy supply*, giving you one less thing to worry about each month! Affordable electric and natural gas plans designed to fit any lifestyle and make monthly energy budgeting easier.

With the SteadyLock 12 Plan You Get:

  • No more guessing what you’re going to pay each month for the supply portion of your energy bill – Unlimited electricity supply for one flat monthly charge*
  • Pricing stability for 12 full months and peace of mind regardless of the changes in the seasons or the unpredictability of the weather
  • Similar to Budget Billing, but without the uncertainty of a “settling up” month
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Enjoy the benefits of choosing the products and plans that best fit your household budget and needs. Innovative and unique products not offered by your local utility.

No Interruption in service

When you enroll with XOOM Energy, there is no need to contact your existing supplier. XOOM Energy will handle all the steps to becoming your supplier with no interruption in your energy services.

No cost to switch

When you become a XOOM Energy customer, there is never a cost to switch from your current energy supplier. Enrolling is quick and easy, and keeps more money in your pocket.

*Flat monthly charge available only for qualifying customers. If you are a residential customer with an annual historical usage amount specified in the chart above, you will qualify to pay a flat monthly charge, plus taxes and fees, for your electricity supply. The amount you will pay for your flat monthly charge will be determined by your annual historical usage as provided by your local utility and is set forth in the chart above. If you do not qualify for the flat monthly charge based on your historical usage and/or customer class, or if no historical usage data is provided by your local utility, you will instead be placed on a one (1) month variable rate interim product. Upon the expiration of your one (1) month variable rate interim product, you will be automatically returned to your local utility. If you do not qualify for the flat monthly charge and are instead placed on a one (1) month variable rate interim product, you may cancel at any time during your one (1) month term of service with no Cost Recovery Fee by contacting XOOM. You will continue to be responsible for all charges assessed by your local utility for all delivery and other services it provides, including any other fees or taxes specifically associated with services it continues to provide during the term of your Agreement. Please see your Terms and Conditions for more details.