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Who is XOOM Energy?

XOOM Energy is an independent energy retailer who supplies natural gas, electricity and renewable energy to residential and commercial customers in deregulated energy markets (product offerings vary by state.)

Where does XOOM Energy offer service in the U.S.?

XOOM Energy will offer natural gas and electricity service in 18 states across the U.S., in 60+ utilities – making XOOM Energy one of the largest energy retailers in the country.

Is my electricity or natural gas service ever at risk by enrolling with XOOM Energy?

No. You are never at risk of not having service by enrolling with XOOM Energy. XOOM Energy is required to post collateral with each utility, and in the unlikely event XOOM Energy was not able to service your account, the utility would procure and deliver energy to your home or business on XOOM’s behalf.

What is an energy supplier?

An energy supplier is a company that acquires its electricity, renewable energy or natural gas supplies from the wholesale market and sells it retail to homes and business. Wholesale energy supply sources include much of the same source that the utility will use, such as electricity generators or the open market. An energy supplier is not your local utility.

The utility still operates the local distribution wires and pipes which carry electricity and natural gas through its territory and to homes or businesses. An energy supplier simply purchases and supplies energy, which is then delivered to your home by your local utility.

What utilities does XOOM Energy service in New York?

Currently, XOOM Energy supplies electricity in the RG&E, NYSEG, National Grid - Upstate Electric, ConEd, Orange & Rockland Electric and Central Hudson Electric territories, and natural gas in the RG&E, National Grid - Upstate Gas, National Grid - Long Island, National Grid - Metro, ConEd, Orange & Rockland - Gas, Central Hudson - Gas and National Fuel Gas Company territories.

What is energy deregulation?

Energy deregulation has been around for more than two decades in certain states, and is designed to ensure consumers have access to adequate and competitively-priced energy supplies. While your local utility is still responsible for maintaining the wires, pipes and infrastructure that make up the distribution system, reading your meter and responding to emergencies, the utility no longer holds a monopoly on the energy service. Customers have the ability to choose from multiple competitive retailers that offer various service plans at competing rates.

Will I be switching utilities?

No. Your local utility will remain the same and will continue to deliver energy to your home or business just like they did when you bought the energy supply from them.

How will my utility company know I’ve enrolled with XOOM Energy?

Your utility company recognizes us as a licensed supplier of energy. When your XOOM Energy enrollment is approved, we notify your utility company of the change through our systems, and XOOM becomes your supplier of record.

Will my service be interrupted when I switch service suppliers?

No. You are never at risk for service disruptions for switching to XOOM. In fact, you will see no difference in the service you are receiving. The only change will be in your billing. XOOM Energy will appear as a line item on your utility bill.

Are there monthly fees?

All fees are outlined and explained in the Terms and Conditions that accompany each service plan.

What is the difference between fixed and variable rate plans?

A fixed rate plan provides you with stability and peace of mind. Utility rates are variable rates that can change periodically. A fixed rate product may be higher or lower than utility rates, but, unlike utility rates, a fixed rate product will not change during the life of your contract. You are protected against unexpected and costly price increases and have greater control over the cost of your energy.

A variable rate plan allows you to purchase energy at market-based prices that change from month to month. While a variable rate is subject to monthly price increases or decreases, it may help you realize the lowest possible cost in the market. However, it also exposes you to possible price increases, and, unlike a fixed rate, a variable rate does not protect you against price volatility. This may be higher or lower than the utility rate.

Why do I have to pay a cost recovery fee if I cancel?

In order for XOOM to offer and fulfill its term obligation to you, we have to purchase energy in advance of usage to cover the entire length of your contract. If you cancel your contract early, XOOM needs to offset the cost of selling the unused portion of your energy to others. The cost recovery fee covers this cost and any other expenses we incur because of your cancellation.

How will I be billed?

You will receive your bill directly from the utility. XOOM Energy supply charges will appear along with your utility service and delivery charges.

Does XOOM Energy offer budget billing?

If a customer is already on Budget Billing and they switch to XOOM, they will remain on budget billing for the utility charges only. If a customer wants budget billing on the supply portion of their bill, they simply need to call XOOM.

How do I enroll?

It’s simple. If you are the account holder or legally authorized person on the account, you may enroll right here online. It only takes a few minutes – all you need is your utility bill to get started.

What happens once I complete the enrollment process online?

Once you complete the enrollment process online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your confirmation number, summary of your order and other information detailing your service with XOOM Energy. Once your enrollment is accepted by the utility, your service will be switched to XOOM Energy.

Can I upgrade to a different program?

Some of XOOM’s service plan contracts, but not all, allow you to switch to another service plan contract within the term of the contract, so you need to carefully read and understand the service plan contract you select.

What happens if I move?

If you plan to move to an area where XOOM offers service, simply contact us at least 15 days prior to your move, and we will attempt to transfer your service to your new location. If XOOM is unable to successfully transfer the service to your new service address, you may cancel your service without penalty.

How does XOOM Energy reduce my energy costs?

XOOM cannot guarantee savings because each of our service plans offers a unique value proposition.

Fixed rate service plans are an excellent way to lock in your rate in for the long haul and avoid price fluctuations. Your pricing remains steady, providing you with consistency and peace of mind.

Variable rate plans are based on market conditions, and priced on a monthly basis. If you're not looking for a long-term contract and enjoy the flexibility of market based rates, this is the service plan for you.

What sets us apart from other energy suppliers?

We offer innovative plans at competitive rates, combined with great customer service. We keep it simple and straightforward. This all adds up to a great value.

XOOM Energy, through its XOOM Energy New York subsidiary, is enabling consumers in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Jamestown area to take control of their energy costs. Whether you pick a variable rate plan or a fixed rate plan, the choice is yours – that’s what deregulation is all about. Browse our plans and enroll right online – it’s both quick and easy. If you have a natural gas account with National Fuel Gas Company - New York, join the thousands of others who are taking control today.

Standard Plans

Enroll on our SimpleFlex plan and get the below Introductory Rate on your first bill – GUARANTEED!

Plan Name

Plan Type



Natural Gas


Variable Rate

Promo: $0.6090/ccf


Plan Description:    

With our variable rate SimpleFlex plan, get the flexibility you want!
• No long-term commitment or cost recovery fee
Switch to a fixed rate plan at any time
• Rate may vary monthly based on market conditions

*Offer available to new customers only.
Promotional Offer Details.

The rate applies to all ccf's used.

No Cost Recovery Fee        No Monthly Fee

Things you need to know:

This Promotional Offer is only available to new customers and XOOM Energy may end this promotion at any time without notice. Your promo rate will be applied during your first bill cycle (rates include state and local gross receipts tax). Only the utility account holder or persons legally authorized on the account may enroll. If you are currently under a contract with another retail supplier, understand your obligations and rights before switching.

Natural Gas

SureLock 12

Fixed Rate


12 months

Plan Description:    

Get the peace of mind you deserve with our SureLock 12 fixed rate plan!
Lock in your rate for 12 full months
• Get stability for the duration of your term
Protect yourself from the uncertainty that you've come to expect with energy bills

Click here to see wholesale market prices over the past 10 years.

Rate above applies to all ccf's used.

Cost Recovery Fee $100.00        No Monthly Fee

Things you need to know:

One year service agreement required (if you cancel your service before the contract ends, a cost recovery fee of $100 may apply). XOOM's charges will be reflected on the monthly bill you receive from the utility and include state and local gross receipts tax. You will continue to be responsible for all charges assessed by your local utility for any services it provides, including other fees and/or taxes. Only the utility account holder or persons legally authorized on the account may enroll. If you are currently under a contract with another retail supplier, understand your obligations and rights before switching.