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Cincinnati area residents enjoy below average energy rates when compared to the rest of the U.S. states according to the Institute for Energy Research. More than 80 percent of Cincinnati, Ohio's energy production comes from coal-burning generators. However, as states begin to incorporate renewable resources into their energy portfolio, gas-fired energy sources will be subject to emissions regulations. This could make energy rates unpredictable as Cincinnati area energy providers find solutions to adhere to emissions standards while trying to keep costs down. More than ever Cincinnati homeowners should compare the options and shop for the best energy rates and plans for their home and business. Homeowners with energy options can make personal and smart energy decisions.

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When comparing retail energy providers in the Cincinnati area, ratepayers should consider all aspects of the energy plans. Cincinnati energy ratepayers can expect to see a correlation between any future changes in their state's energy portfolio and their monthly natural gas costs as well as overall home electricity rates. Coal will continue to deliver inexpensive and reliable energy to customers in Ohio for a long time, but more and more environmental regulations are leading energy providers to seek out new ways of supplying power.

By keeping an eye out for rates offered from other Cincinnati area energy providers, customers choosing the best natural gas or electric company can stay aware of the lowest possible prices available to them.

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