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XOOM Energy, through its XOOM Energy Illinois subsidiary, is enabling consumers in Rockford, Illinois to take control of their energy costs. XOOM Energy is one of the leading deregulated natural gas companies in the US and is helping Rockford residents compare energy and gas rates in Illinois and choose the lowest rates and the plan that works for them. XOOM Energy works hard to bring pricing plans and rates that help you save money on home energy costs and put money back in the pockets of working families.

XOOXOOM Energy offers a fixed and variable rate plan, allowing families to choose what plan best fits their budget. With the variable-rate energy plan, customers receive a plan with no long-term commitment or cost recovery fee and the ability to upgrade their plan at any time.

Customers in the market for a local Rockford electric company also choose to enroll on XOOM Energy’s fixed plan. Our fixed rate energy plans in Illinois give you the ability to lock in a low rate regardless of what happens in the energy markets. Many Rockford families love the stability of knowing that the low rate and bills they receive will not change even if energy rates in Illinois rise.

XOOM Energy believes in the freedom of choice for our customers. Rockford homeowners have a unique opportunity to see what kind of low rates and service is making XOOM Energy one of the leading energy providers in Rockford.

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Let XOOM Energy provide the energy to your Rockford home. XOOM is a leading independent Rockford Natural gas company with low competitive rates and easy renewable energy options.

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If you want to see rates that help drive your business,  view our business energy rates page. We provide businesses with utility service in most Rockford power and energy markets.

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