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XOOM Energy Sparks New Interest in Electricity Markets

September 08, 2014

Electricity markets in Ohio and the District of Columbia have now been added to XOOM’s growing national footprint.  Consumers served by PEPCO-DC and First Energy (Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison and The Illuminating Company) are amongst the latest to have XOOM Energy added as an option for electricity service; providing yet another choice for home and business owners looking for variety in products, plans and rates.

Combined, these new markets serve almost 5 million customers and provide a huge expansion opportunity for XOOM.  Having established a presence in almost every deregulated market in the United States, XOOM now looks to offer consumers choices (where possible) on electricity, natural gas and renewable energy. In addition to plans for homes and small businesses in these new markets, the XOOM Energy Big Business Program is available to provide custom quotes to large commercial entities.

“Our mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience” says Tom Ulry, CEO.  “Part of that entails offering customers the convenience of a one-stop energy shop.  If we can be where they want us, when they need us – we’re doing something right”. 

XOOM Energy offers both fixed and variable rate plans, providing the guarantee of locked-in pricing for those seeking stability and the flexibility of month-to-month pricing for those not interested in a long-term contract.  With the addition of an online customer portal (, XOOM is making it easier than ever for customers to manage their energy on their time.  New and existing customers will no doubt benefit from the ability to review their accounts, update their contact information and even change their plan, all without having to pick up a phone.

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