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XOOM Energy Hires New Director of Product Management

April 08, 2013

With its continued growth, XOOM Energy is now looking to tackle the task of increasing its product portfolio beyond the traditional and renewable products and services consumers have come to expect.  It’s a big job, but the newly hired Director of Product Management is the person to help do it.

Ryan Park is an established energy services professional, with over 13 years of experience in the industry. His career path has led him through several functions, including marketing, risk management, pricing and supply.  Previous employment with organizations such as Direct Energy, Integrys Energy Services and PPL EnergyPlus has provided him with the skill set that he will now employ as a member of the XOOM Energy team.

The product team is looking to expand the XOOM portfolio with both products and services aimed at gaining and retaining customers.  “Now that Ryan is in place, we can better define the strategies that are going to help us meet our goals,” states CEO, Tom Ulry.  “There’s a lot more to consider than just rates; XOOM Energy is about the entire customer experience and that means offering what our consumers want, when and where they want it.”

As XOOM continues to enter new markets, it is essential to understand the energy services landscape and identify the options that are most important to consumers.  XOOM wants to offer its customers choices in the products they can select. 

Variety is the name of the game” says Park.  “The next phase of our expansion stems from a desire to provide products and services that will differentiate XOOM from our competitors and provide value in addition to savings.”

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