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XOOM Energy CFO Forecasts a Bright Financial Future

May 31, 2013

They say that “a penny saved is a penny earned” and the newest addition to the XOOM Energy team is planning to keep the pennies, savings and earnings rolling in for years to come.  Having established itself as a dominant player in the energy market, XOOM looks to solidify its financial future with a new Chief Financial Officer.

Dave Vail has over two decades of experience in finance, including accounting, budgeting, treasury and risk-management functions.  He will apply his array of expertise to the day-to-day operations at XOOM and oversee several strategic projects as the company continues to expand into new markets and offer new products.

“Dave has a proven track record of driving growth at successful companies; his leadership will help us scale XOOM Energy to take advantage of the large and growing market opportunity,” states Tom Ulry, CEO.  “That’s no small task when you’re operating in multiple markets, but Dave is going to help us do just that.”

In addition to moving forward with plans to provide energy services in the growing list of deregulated markets, XOOM is looking to add new products and services to its offerings – making now the time to ensure that the financial infrastructure is prepared for rapid growth. 

When asked about the opportunity to join the growing organization, Vail stated that is was “the enthusiasm in the atmosphere” that made joining XOOM so appealing.  “It’s refreshing to be part of a team that’s building something from the ground up – everyone is here because the want to be, we’re building this enterprise together.”

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