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Rate Plans - Fixed vs. Variable

Variable Rate Plans vs. Fixed Rate Plans

Transcript: Everybody has their own style. That's why XOOM Energy offers both a fixed and variable rate plan. SureLock and SimpleFlex.

With SureLock your price is guaranteed for the term of your contract. You're the kind of person that likes to know what your monthly rate is going to be. No matter what might be happening in the markets, you’re not worried, because you're protected. Your rate is secured. No dips or valleys for you, it’s all one smooth ride.

But, if your style is different we also offer SimpleFlex. With it, your monthly rate may go up or down but it will never be a penny more than what the market will bare. You’re the kind of person that enjoys the ride and always wants to have your hands on the wheel. No long term commitments, flexibility to switch anytime, it's all good. For you, any twists or turns of the market are well worth the reward.

Whatever your style, XOOM Energy has you covered.

Choose the plan that fits you best.