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Transcript: Turn it up New Jersey, XOOM Energy wants to show you how to energize your savings potential. XOOM Energy is quickly becoming the energy provider of choice in New Jersey and across the nation.

Visit and experience the beauty of choice. Unlike your local utility that offers a one size fits all plan, XOOM Energy New Jersey offers a variety of plans for fixed and variable rate products.

What's not to love about to choice? Our plans and products are designed to fit your needs and your budget. We even have renewable energy products in all our electricity markets in New Jersey. We offer competitive rates for electricity and natural gas across the state of New Jersey. From Sussex County to Cape May, we can meet your electricity and natural gas needs for home and business.

Energy is not something you really think about, so we keep it simple. Enroll online with XOOM Energy in four short steps. You can become a XOOM Energy customer in less the time it takes to ferry from Ellis Island to Jersey City.

Come see what all the buzz is about. XOOM Energy, your energy, your choice.

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