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XOOM Energy, LLC Launches New Electric Market in Maryland

May 10, 2016

XOOM Energy, LLC Launches New Electric Market in Maryland


Today, XOOM Energy, LLC, an energy retail company providing natural gas and electricity solutions to homes and businesses across America, is expanding in Maryland into the First Energy - Potomac Edison territory. Potomac Edison will mark the fourth electric utility XOOM Energy has launched in the state of Maryland.

Growing is nothing new to XOOM Energy. With a three-year sales growth of over 16,000%, XOOM Energy is working towards continuing that growth. With no cost to switch, no interruption in service and great customer care, there is no surprise that XOOM will continue to see growth across the board. XOOM Energy is confident that the launch in the Potomac Edison territory will bring with it great reliability and satisfaction to its new customers.

XOOM Energy’s Chief Operating Officer, Chris Phillips, says, “With Potomac Edison covering the large western portion of the state, we felt it was a great fit for XOOM Energy to delve further into the deregulated electricity market that Maryland has to offer.”


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