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XOOM Energy Goes Green with Carbon-Free Options in California

June 28, 2013

Carbon-free is the new “green” and XOOM Energy is giving consumers in San Diego and Southern California the chance to become even more environmentally friendly in their home energy usage, with a service they’re already using every day.

TruEco (the newest addition to the XOOM Energy renewable product line) provides 100% carbon-free natural gas service, by allowing consumers to equalize the carbon footprint of their natural gas usage – leading the way to a cleaner environment.  

California, long recognized as an early adopter of “green” living, is the first of many markets to benefit from the option of renewable natural gas.  Although XOOM Energy currently provides renewable electricity options (SimpleClean and TruClean) in several states (Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Texas), the rollout of TruEco will be a measured process with careful study on the return on investment for consumers.

“Going green is a lifestyle choice and consumers are in it for the long haul” says Direction or Product Management, Ryan Park.  “Protecting our natural resources for future generations has never been more important and it’s something each one of us can feel good about.  If we all do our part, we can make a real difference and XOOM is excited of offer our customers options that let them know we support them in doing what’s right.”