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XOOM Energy Expands Service Area into Virginia

October 14, 2013

XOOM Energy welcomes the state of Virginia to its ever expanding service area with the launch of natural gas services for consumers served by Columbia Gas and Washington Gas. 

Earlier in 2013, XOOM’s expansion efforts focused on the mid-west and states in the north east, where deregulation is better established and customers are more aware of the options available to them.  The move into Virginia markets represents an educational opportunity and XOOM is excited about the chance to work directly with shoppers – educating them on the many advantages of choosing to work with a retail energy provider.

Virginia customers in both the residential and business sections are eligible for service and will have access to products, plans and services not offered by their local utility company.  Those seeking shelter from market fluctuations will most likely be attracted to the 12 or 24 month fixed rate plans, while those who prefer to take advantage of price variance would be more like to choose the variable rate option.

XOOM’s electricity and natural gas services are currently available in the majority of deregulated markets across the country and as early as 2014, XOOM will have achieved its primary objective of nation-wide expansion. As that goal moves closer to completion, XOOM is poised to further differentiate itself from other retail energy providers by providing additional renewable energy options, exceptional customer service and incentives designed to reward loyal customers.