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RPD and XOOM Energy Team To Deliver Renewable Power To Business Market

June 22, 2015

Washington, DC - Renewable Power Direct (RPD) announced an alliance today with XOOM Energy to provide commercial and industrial customers with delivery options for renewable electricity in the Texas, New York, New England and Mid Atlantic markets that are open for retail access.

The alliance brings together RPD's unique wholesale platform for sourcing renewable power directly from local wind and solar generators with XOOM's proven national retail energy marketing services. Business customers that want physical renewable power delivered to their facilities -- and not just Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) -- can now engage RPD to source the wholesale renewable supply and XOOM to provide and manage the retail services, such as load following. The RPD-XOOM alliance provides a much broader set of options for companies to source physical green electricity to achieve their sustainability, fiscal, and regional renewable supply objectives.

"We specifically wanted to work with XOOM Energy as they are active in over 75 competitive utility markets across the U.S., which is important for companies with multiple locations. Furthermore, XOOM has demonstrated considerable expertise in providing reliable service and has the flexibility to work with a wide variety of business delivery requirements," said Gregory Staple, RPD's Chairman.

"The interest of corporate customers in buying renewables is definitely growing. We like the way RPD directly sources wholesale supply and provides customers with branding rights showing where their renewable power is actually generated," said Tom Ulry, XOOM Energy's CEO. "We see directly-sourced renewable energy as a growth opportunity in the retail energy space," continued Ulry.

Renewable Electricity Services Provided by the Alliance

Under the alliance, RPD and XOOM Energy can offer business customers up to 100% renewable supply direct from renewable generators, which also includes retail delivery and associated services. Customers have the choice to contract for multiple years of service with volumes and pricing tailored to their specific needs.

RPD will use its wholesale platform to balance the variable output of wind and solar supply, and provide a firm wholesale renewable electricity product to XOOM for redelivery to the customer. XOOM will in turn use its proven retail services expertise to ensure the electricity supplied to each customer matches each facility's needs. RPD will also provide XOOM, on behalf of the customer, with the environmental attributes (i.e., RECs) associated with the renewable power that it supplies so that each customer can meet sustainability and greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting requirements.

About Renewable Power Direct, LLC: Renewable Power Direct, LLC is a FERC authorized wholesale power marketer that specializes in supplying directly sourced renewable electricity to commercial and industrial consumers. Based in Washington, DC, the company was founded to make it easy for businesses to procure renewable power without having to make expensive on-site investments in new facilities or be locked into long-term purchase contracts for off-site generation. For more information, visit

About XOOM Energy, LLC

Based in Huntersville, North Carolina, XOOM Energy, is a progressive, independent energy retailer. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, XOOM Energy supplies natural gas, electricity and renewable energy to residential, small business, mid-market and large commercial customers in deregulated energy markets in 18 states, plus the District of Columbia, in 80+ utility markets across North America. To find out more, visit For other inquiries, please contact