How to Choose the Right 20012 Electricity Plan for You

Selecting the right electricity company in 20012 should be convenient, simple and quick. At times it may seem like choosing an electricity plan is a daunting task and there are too many different types of electricity options in 20012 for you to choose from. XOOM Energy can provide the peace of mind and simplicity needed in this seemingly complex industry to help you choose the best plan for you and get the price you require. That’s why it is best to understand what your needs are and educate yourself before you start the process of choosing the right energy plan.

Depending on your situation, choosing the right plan for you could rely on whether you need a long-term or short-term option and what price would be ideal. Not all 20012 energy plans are created equal, so choosing between a fixed energy price or a variable energy price could factor into what suits you best. You may be a homeowner with a large family who could benefit from the stability and security of a long-term contract, or you could be in a temporary living situation where a shorter-term plan like a month-to-month no-contract option would be more beneficial. XOOM Energy has the right options to help you choose which type of energy plans are perfect for you.

Types of Electricity Plans in 20012

Having different energy plans available means you get to choose a plan that offers great benefits and deals and the services to meet your needs. XOOM Energy offers an extensive list of special price options in 20012 and provides an assortment of different energy plans to meet your budget and energy needs. Energy plans and services that XOOM Energy offers extensively to 20012 include month-to-month electricity plans, no deposit electricity plans, renewable energy electricity plans, and electricity plans for business services. XOOM Energy offers a variety of variable electricity plans and fixed electricity plans in 20012. It is as simple as just entering in your zip code to compare the different special prices and plans available near you.

No Deposit Electricity Plans in 20012*

XOOM Energy offers a variety of no deposit Energy plans in 20012. No deposit plans are a convenient and hassle-free option that is straight forward and allows you to get up and running quickly. The benefit of getting energy services connected quickly without having to put a big down payment upfront or having to go through the obstacles of a credit check is ideal in many typical living situations.

This type of energy plan is fitting for someone wanting to pay month-to-month for their electricity to avoid missing payments. Short term housing and apartment leasing may be the perfect situations for some of XOOM Energy’s month-to-month and no deposit plans. Some of XOOM Energy’s fixed price plans might be eligible for no deposit as well based on payment history and credit ratings. Check out the prices and compare no deposit electricity options in 20012 by entering in your zip code.

*No deposit electricity plans offered in:
CT: Connecticut Light & Power, United Illuminating
DC: Pepco DC
IL: Ameren, ComEd
MA: Eversource Energy (formerly WMECO), National Grid – Massachusetts Electric, National Grid – Nantucket Electric
MD: Baltimore Gas & Electric, Delmarva Power, FirstEnergy – Potomac Edison, Pepco
NJ: PSE&G, Jersey Central Power & Light, Atlantic City Electric, Rockland Electric
NY: Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Consolidated Edison, National Grid – Upstate, NYSEG, Orange & Rockland, Rochester Gas & Electric
OH: Duke Energy
PA: Duquesne Light, FirstEnergy – Met-Ed, FirstEnergy – Penelec, FirstEnergy – Penn Power, FirstEnergy – West Penn Power, PECO, PPL Utilities, UGI Electric

20012 Month-To-Month Electricity Plans**

XOOM Energy offers flexible month-to-month electricity plan options in 20012. A month-to-month electricity plan, also known as a variable price plan, is a great way to stay in control of your bill without having the burden of a lengthy long-term contract. A month-to-month plan can be a great option for people who live in apartments or short-term leasing. XOOM Energy provides reliable service and an assortment of plans and pricing options to choose from in 20012.

Paying month-to-month helps keep you connected and gives you the freedom you need to change plans on your own without any binding one- or two-year contracts. Aside from the freedom and flexibility, there are a lot of other pros to choosing a monthly energy plan, including the benefit of having no huge up-front deposit, no hidden fees, and even no credit checks. Month-to-month energy plans also have some cons, such as the risk of energy price increases and not knowing what your energy bill will be from month-to-month. If you think a month-to-month energy plan might be something that could benefit you, then enter your zip code and compare the XOOM Energy prices in 20012.

**Utility prices may be higher or lower

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The views and opinions expressed in the testimonials above are those of specific XOOM Energy customers and do not necessarily reflect all customers’ experiences.

Fixed Price Electricity Plans***

XOOM Energy offers a variety of fixed price electricity plans in 20012. Fixed price electricity plans allow you the comfort of locking in a constant price from the beginning of your service that will stay the same throughout the duration of your contract. The fixed energy price you agree to will stay constant rather than fluctuating with the energy price changes from month to month. Fixed price energy plans will provide the most benefit to 20012 customers who own their own homes or are part of a long-term lease because of the price stability factor.

The price protection and peace of mind that a fixed price energy plan provides are ideal for homeowners to understand what the bill will look like each month with no surprises. There are a few cons to keep in mind when choosing a fixed price plan. If the price of energy drops significantly, you will not see the benefits of a reduced energy price factored into your bill. However, if energy prices increase, you will stay locked into your price regardless. Enter your zip code to check out the various fixed price electricity options in 20012.

***Pricing and plans may vary

Variable Price Electricity Plans***

The exact opposite of a fixed price energy plan is a variable price electricity plan. XOOM Energy has an assortment of variable price electricity plans in 20012. With a variable price energy plan, you typically don’t have a long-term contract.

A variable price plan is a perfect choice for someone who is mindful of their electricity usage and can accommodate accordingly during peak pricing times. Some of the cons of a variable price energy plan are the risk of an energy increase in price and not knowing what your energy bill will be from month-to-month. However, this option offers many pros, like not having a long-term contract or commitment. With a variable price electricity plan, you are free to change your plan at your convenience without the penalties associated with long-term options. Enter your zip code to see the variable prices in 20012.

***Pricing and plans may vary

Fixed Price Electricity Plan vs. Variable Price Electricity Plan

Renewable Electricity Plans

Do your part for the environment with renewable energy choices available in 20012. XOOM Energy takes pride in conservation, protecting the environment and figuring out new ways to make sure we have sustainable energy sources for the future. Let XOOM Energy help you do your part by choosing a renewable energy plan available to you in 20012. Renewable energy electricity is comprised of sustainable energy sources like wind, solar, hydrogen and other renewable technologies. This is a great option for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint and support future clean power development technology.

XOOM Energy purchases Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) on behalf of our voluntary renewable energy customers. An REC represents the property rights to the environmental, social, and other nonpower qualities of renewable electricity generation. RECs provide flexibility in procuring renewable energy across a diverse geographical area and applying the renewable attributes to the electricity use at a facility of choice. This flexibility allows organizations to support renewable energy development and protect the environment when renewable energy products are not locally available. RECs can be generated from a variety of renewable sources, including but not limited to solar, wind and hydro.

XOOM Energy offers sustainable and renewable energy options in 20012 with no difference or impact on your energy quality and no extra work needed from you. Renewable energy is slightly different than traditional energy due to limited resources and availability. The only difference in having a renewable energy plan is the amount of good you are doing for the environment and the future. Type in your zip code to compare and see what types of renewable energy electricity plans are available in your area.

Electricity Prices for 20012 Businesses

XOOM Energy can help you find the ideal energy solutions and plans for your business in 20012. We offer innovative business plans, combined with excellent and unparalleled customer service. This all adds up to a great value for your business and solidifies that partnering with XOOM Energy is a powerful decision for any business.

The benefits of choosing XOOM Energy to be your provider include being able to lock in your price and protecting your business from the uncertainty that you’ve come to expect with energy bills. Get stability for the duration of your term and have the peace of mind you deserve.

High energy usage makes it even more important to choose the price and plan that benefits your business’s time and money. XOOM Energy provides business owners the ability to examine all the options available and compare 20012 business energy prices. Enter your zip code to see the different electricity plans for business locations side by side to compare prices and options.


Where does XOOM Energy offer service in the U.S.?
XOOM Energy, LLC has wholly-owned subsidiaries offering natural gas and electricity service in 19 states, plus the District of Columbia, across the U.S. totaling 90+ utilities – making XOOM Energy, LLC one of the largest energy retailers in the country.

Who is XOOM Energy?
XOOM Energy, LLC through its family of companies is a retail electricity, renewable and natural gas provider in over 90 deregulated markets across the U.S.

Will I be switching utilities?
No. Your local utility will remain the same and will continue to deliver the electricity to your home or business just like they did when you bought the electricity from them. The utility will also continue to bill you. XOOM Energy will appear as a line item on your bill.

How will my utility company know I’ve enrolled with XOOM Energy?
Your utility company recognizes us as a licensed supplier of electricity. When your XOOM Energy enrollment is approved, we notify your utility company of the change through our systems, and XOOM Energy becomes your supplier of record.

Will my service be interrupted when I switch service suppliers?
No. You are never at risk for service disruptions for switching to XOOM Energy. In fact, you will see no difference in the service you are receiving. The only change will be in your billing. XOOM Energy will appear as a line item on your utility bill.

Is there a cost to switch my electricity service to XOOM Energy?
It depends on which kind of move you’re doing. For a standard switch, there’s no charge. If you want to select a specific date for your switch or move-in, then a fee will apply. These fees vary by where you live.

How will I be billed?
Your utility company will bill. XOOM Energy electric supply charges will appear along with your utility service and delivery charges.

What is the difference between fixed and variable price plans?
A fixed price plan provides you with stability and peace of mind. A fixed price product may be higher or lower than utility prices, but, unlike utility prices, a fixed price product will not change during the life of your contract. You are protected against unexpected and costly price increases and have greater control over the cost of your energy.

Unlike a fixed price, a variable price plan fluctuates monthly and does not protect you against price volatility. This may be higher or lower than the utility price.