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You probably wouldn't believe this staring up at the Times Square billboards, but New York has the second lowest per capita energy consumption rate in the entire U.S. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to affect the average energy rates for New York ratepayers, which still remain some of the highest in the country. Since nearly a third of the state's energy comes from natural gas, regulations imposed to control carbon emissions could negatively impact electricity prices for ratepayers. However, natural gas infrastructure has just as much bearing on energy rates in New York as its continued commitment to renewable energy. The state produces more hydroelectricity east of the Rockies than anywhere else, and investments in solar and wind energies have grown steadily year after year. New York Energy Markets continue to expand in choices and supply options which has made for a competitive market and advantageous situation for consumers.

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Weighing your retail energy options can ensure you're getting the absolute lowest price imaginable instead of paying more for the same energy. Fixed energy rates can also further stop your rates from fluctuating with the wholesale energy market. Furthermore, New York energy providers who know a thing or two about renewable energy can help you on your way to home generation. If you're interested in uncovering how much money you can save through net metering and renewable tax credits, be sure to select an energy provider that can point you in the right direction.

Shop around for your energy and you might just be surprised at how inexpensive energy can be!

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