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Latest News

August 26, 2014              XOOM Energy Sparks New Interest in Electricity Markets

June 30, 2014                 XOOM Energy Partners with Second Harvest in Assisting Carolina Families

February 3, 2014            XOOM Energy Sheds Light on Ohio Energy Options

January 24, 2014            XOOM Energy Consumer Advisory Notice

January 1, 2014              XOOM Energy Forges New Partnerships with Director of Business Development



October 18, 2013        XOOM Energy Hosts Fall Festival to Benefit Children in Need

September 30, 2013   XOOM Energy Adds New Hampshire to National Footprint

August 6, 2013            XOOM Energy Continues East Coast Expansion (PDF) - HTML

June 20, 2013             XOOM Energy Goes Green With Carbon-Free Options in California (PDF) - HTML

June 15, 2013             XOOM Energy Gives Back with Second Harvest (PDF) - HTML

May 31, 2013              XOOM Energy's New CFO Forecasts a Bright Financial Future (PDF) - HTML

April 8, 2013                XOOM Energy Hires New Director of Product Management

February 26, 2013      XOOM Energy Relocates Its Corporate Headquarters

February 11, 2013      XOOM Energy Expansion Continues in 2013 (PDF) - HTML

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